Workshop Four: Strategic Communications 101

Afternoon Session: 2:45 pm – 4:30 pm

With the right mix of communications and marketing techniques, you can motivate your current and potential supporters (donors, volunteers, policymakers etc.) to help your organization advance a progressive agenda. This workshop will help you effectively “get your message out,” while framing the conversation in terms that advance social justice and equity. We will begin with how best to do a market scan, assessing current trends on your issue, determining your audience(s), identifying collaborators and competitors, and more.
We will then look at best (and worst) practices for cause-related marketing and resources to move you forward with an emphasis on balancing the use of traditional media, media you develop and social media. This workshop is designed for both savvy communicators and those new to the art and science of PR – who are responsible for promoting their nonprofits to key audience.


Denise Moorehead, Communications Consultant

Tony Loftis, Executive Director, Find Your Missing Child

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