Using the “American Justice Missing in Action” Project #ajmia for Creative Public Actions (Afternoon)

For generations, activists have used larger-than-life visuals, costumes and street theater to convey big social justice ideas to people who might otherwise just tune out thinking, “what does this have to do with me?” These creative media actions give us the opportunity to show what the issues at stake really are, and frequently, to become the headline of the story instead of just another quote in someone else’s story.

Educator and performer Kanene Holder will share recent creative social actions in New York City, and explain a process to create and execute actions people will notice and respond to. She’ll share the “American Justice Missing in Action” approach: exercises to unpack social-justice issues using role play, memes, debate and mime; to unleash your creative/artistic voice, and create actions that are on-target, effective, and provocative.

Presenter: Kanene Holder

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