Workshop One: Using Mobile Phones to Be the Media! Best Practices from CCTV’ s NeighborMedia Program

Morning Session:  11:15 am – 1:00 pm

As technology evolves, mobile reporting—the use of a mobile phone to create stories about news, events, and issues — is becoming more widespread.

This workshop will provide some basic information for people who are interested in learning how use mobile phones to create text, photos and videos and develop multimedia-based reports. This workshop will cover:

  • How to select story ideas appropriate for mobile phone reporting
  • Tips for developing stories
  • Best practices for mobile phone production —tips for taking photos, shooting videos, and recording interviews on mobile phones
  • Ideas for how to share your stories

This workshop will involve a brief lecture, as well as examples from a citizen journalist in Cambridge Community Television’s NeighborMedia Program ( using mobile reporting to cover subjects and issues in his or her neighborhood. The ideal workshop size is 15-20 participants.


Nicole Belanger, Community Media and Technology Coordinator at Cambridge Community Television( CCTV)

Neha Agrawal, Youth Media Program Coordinator, CCTV

Susana Segat, Producer/Blogger, CCTV

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