About Be The Media!

Since 2006, Be the Media! has helped participants understand the link between strategic communications and organizing strategies as well as learn essential communications tools and techniques. Over the course of our conferences we have served hundreds of Boston/New England social justice communicators. The one-day mini-conference is a project of the Boston/New England chapter of Progressive Communicators Network, and is one of our longest-running ongoing events.

Over the years we have brought notable strategists and organizations, including Tom Louie, Celina Lee, Denise Moorehead, Charlotte Ryan, Linda Stout, the Center for Story-based Strategy (formerly smartMeme) and many other New England communicators and organizers. Our 2012 workshops included: mobile phone blogging, an introduction to media basics, messaging through creative action, communicating across differences, and conducting a website audit.

Our 2013 workshops included To Tweet or not to Tweet? The Strategic Use of Social Media Tools; Google Analytics and Other Fun with Metrics; Community Mapping and Public Policy Advocacy; Strategic Communications 101; Framing Racial Justice;  Respect in Reporting Campaign and Mainstream Media Coverage of Violence in Communities

In 2013 we also expanded our workshop offerings by collaborating with our sister network Standing in Our Power for Women of Color Be the Media! in New York City.  Standing in Power is a Project of Spirit in Action.

Details about 2014 Be the Media! for Boston will be published in fall of 2014.